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This was literally the best time for this game to release with almost everyone at home. There is SO MUCH to do in this game. Although it can sometimes get boring, it’s really fun if you don’t play for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS. Also, PLEASE tell me in the comments section in one of my posts how 50 get a five star island and when I know, I will tell you guys.

Upcoming Events

There are some big things coming to this website. First, there will be a story of a boy writing in his diary of all of his adventures in Galar. I will post it every Monday and the first chapter will be released soon. Next, there will be a real story about a girl on her first day of high school trying to pass it. You can comment questions about the story on my Coming Soon page.

What do I post about?

As you can tell, I post a lot about Animal Crossing: New Horizons as it’s the best game ever tied with Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Sorry for the PlayStation and Xbox fans as I don’t post that but I might post a PlayStation post in the future. I post the most about ACNH, Pokemon, MK 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros Ultimate but you can comment on what you want me to post. I also do top 5 posts like top 5 grass type Pokémon or top 5 Cat AC villagers. I also do movie and show reviews.

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