The Sharp Shark

Your local lazy kid

What do I post about?

Im not really sure but I’mleaning towards Pokemon,Roblox, and much more, but I guess I’ll have to see in the future. But yeah I don’t post that often butIm trying to post more frequently, so stay tuned for more super awesome posts! Edit: I do Roblox on my youtube channel (Alohaxsharq) so I’ll be doing mostly Pokemon blogs so stay tuned!

How did I get into Pokemon?

I’ve loved Pokemon ever since I was 7! I got into collecting the cards around 2017/2018, and while I don’t collect cards anymore, I love pokemon games! If you have a nintendo switch, you should definitely get a Pokemon game, especially if you love adventure! I reccomend getting Pokemon Sword or Shield, Pokemon brilliant diamond or shining pearl, or Pokemon: Legends Arceus!

Whats your go-to video game?

My favorite video game is definetly Roblox! The reason is because Roblox is a fun online game full of millions of fun games to discover! My faorite games are muder mystery 2, Squid Game, and Flood Escape! If you already have Roblox, comment your username on one of my posts so I could friend you. I would definetly recommend this game to Ipad, laptop, and desktop users!

Do I play any other games?

I play a lot of games on nintendo switch, besides Pokemon. The games I most like to play are Smash bros, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Mario Party, Splatoon, and much more! Let me know on one of my posts if you have a nintendo switch and I could friend you!

“All we really want in life is happiness. Doing good in the world makes you happy, so you should do it more often!” – my cringe attempt to be wise lol

Btw thank you so much for scrolling all the way here:O