The Sharp Shark

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When do I post?

I post once a week on my blog because as you know (or might not know,) I have a YouTube channel which I post on way more. This is basically a side thing I am doing. But on my YouTube channel I post around 2 to 5 videos a week. If you didn’t know my YouTube channel is called The Sharp Shark Gaming. I will be posting every Saturday because I used to post on this blog every single day, as it would help me not be bored when there was nothing to do. But now, I have school and I’m very busy and don’t have time to post every day.

What do I post about on this blog?

On my YouTube channel I post about a lot of stuff. I post about challenges, how to videos, and much more. Basically all I play on my channel is Roblox. On my blog I’m going to be posting about update teas which are discussing about an upcoming update in a game, and update reviews. I’m also going to be posting about stuff besides Roblox from time to time. When I posted on this blog a lot, I posted a lot about animal crossing which is a game in the Nintendo switch, so I’ll be posting about that sometimes.